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Kieron Dolan - At Risk Security, Dublin

When was the work done?
Finnegan Steel has been doing work for us since about 2009.


What type of work has been involved?
I work in At Risk Security and Finnegan Steel has done quite a bit of work for us. It started with little bits and pieces of work and when we saw how well it was done, we kept bringing him back for more. They've done bollards and barriers to keep people from driving on the footpath, barriers that can be put up at night and taken down during the day, vandal resistant covers for equipment and surrounds for access control readers to keep them from being kicked off the wall.


How did you choose Finnegan Steel Fabrication?
I was put onto Finnegan Steel by a locksmith who had used them. He told me that if I ever needed anything made up that Finnegan Steel were the guys to do it.


Have you definite ideas in mind before you speak to Finnegan Steel about a job?
We would, yes. I let them know what I want or need and they do up a sketch for me.


How do the projects run?
Very well. To be honest, we're always putting them under pressure because I sometimes get jobs that need to be done at the last minute and they always get it done for me


What was the biggest benefit to you of using Finnegan Steel Fabrication?
Finnegan Steel is local to us. We can go in, talk to them about what we need and get pricing easily. We already know and trust their work, so the biggest benefit now is convenience.


Would you recommend Finnegan Steel Fabrication to others?
I would yes and I have done. someone I knew was looking to have a stainless steel tank made up for their boat and Finnegan Steel made him exactly what he needed.


Any tips for other people?
Get them in to look at the job first, see what they think and get a price. They'll give you suggestions and a design to accomplish whatever you need.

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