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Thermal Breaks Connection Plates

‘Finnegan Steel Fabrications is very pleased and excited to announce that we reached agreement with Farrat Isolevel to be their exclusive distributors in the Republic or Ireland for ‘Farrat Thermal Break Connections’ 


Farrat Thermal Break Connection Plates are high performance, medium and high strength thermal insulators used between flanged connections of internal and external steelwork and concrete to prevent thermal / cold bridging.

Produced from high performance materials they provide a simple, economical and extremely effective
solution to meeting Part L of the building requirements by way of reducing heat loss and the risk of
internal condensation.

Farrat Thermal Breaks are also ideal for hot climate conditions to insulate the cool, air conditioned
interior from the hot outside conditions.

Pads are supplied according to the customer's drawings, cut to size with all holes or slots etc drilled
and clearly labelled for easy identification on site.



Shaun Furlong

Export Development Manager. Farrat Isolevel

“Farrat Isolevel Limited is delighted to be working with such an experienced, professional Partner as Finnegan Steel Fabricators in the Republic of Ireland. We have been very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm and we are convinced that they will provide excellent customer service and technical support to Irish clients needing Farrat Thermal Break connections”.


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Farrat Structural Thermal Breaks  
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Thermal Breaks

Thermal break connection plates are high performance, medium and high strength thermal insulators used between flanged connection of internal and external steelwork and concrete to prevent thermal / cold bridging.

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